Building a Maryland Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence cases are often associated with incredibly harsh in their sentences. The courts, the judges, law enforcement, they have all been trained to understand what domestic violence is and the consequences of those abusive relationships.

It is a mistake, in any criminal matter, for a person to think that they should represent themselves. It is important to have an experienced family violence attorney who understands the rules of law, of evidence, the rules of procedure. It could be critical to speak with an attorney to begin building a Maryland domestic violence defense right away.

What is Mutual Assault?

One of the common defenses in domestic violence cases is the mutual assault defense. Mutual assault, where two people get into a fight. Photographs of the defendant can show sustained injuries. An important thing to note is that prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officers have all been trained to recognize defensive wounds.

Not all photographs are going to be helpful when building a Maryland domestic violence defense. An attorney would likely be prepared to know that the prosecutor is going to turn around and allege those injuries to the defendant are actually defense wounds and not evidence of the defendant being assaulted.

Immediate Consequences Associated with a Family Violence

A charge and conviction can impact whether or not that person maintains their lifestyle, such as keeping their job. Most employers are not going to want to retain or consider hiring someone who has a criminal record, but it is even worse if they have a criminal record that suggests they are violent and capable of assaulting another person. And then there are the consequences that can occur if these parties are also in the process of divorce. If there are children involved, a conviction can have serious consequences at a custody hearing.

Defining Long-Term Consequences

The long-term consequences is the conviction could end up on this person’s record forever and that record is public. There are a lot of employers that would not hire someone who has this on their record. They are going to consider the defendant to be capable of physical violence. They are going to assume that the person has issues with their temper. There are very serious long-term consequences as convictions can prevent a person from being able to hold certain licenses or certifications.

A defendant should be honest with their attorney and if recommend get an evaluation and start taking any classes that are recommended. Someone can benefit from anger management classes or treatment if there was substance abuse or alcohol abuse. This can show a judge that they are taking the charge seriously.

Common Evidence in Family Violence Cases

There can be some really helpful evidence when building a Maryland domestic violence defense. While true domestic violence cases are incredibly serious, there are also situations where people will attempt to manipulate a situation by making false allegations.

These include attempting to gain some advantage in a divorce or a custody case or to have a person removed from their home. In those scenarios, it is important to be able to try to accumulate any evidence like texts or other communications.