Maryland Identity Theft Offenses

Identity theft is an increasingly common crime that can have damaging consequences for the person committing the theft, as well as the person whose identity ends up being stolen. The way that most people end up getting caught for Maryland identity theft offenses is that someone is made aware that their identity is being used because they get a credit statement for a credit card that is not in their possession or that they never requested. If you have been charged with identity theft, contact a capable fraud attorney who can fight tirelessly to achieve the best possible positive outcome for you.

Investigation of Theft Offenses

Once the alleged victim becomes aware that something has happened, it will lead to an investigation and the investigators will use the paper trail to determine who was pretending to be the individual. Sometimes it could be a video in a bank or some other location that has cameras. They can see who came in and pretended to be the alleged victim. Sometimes it is traced back utilizing computers, IP addresses, and other things that leave a digital trail. It could be a paper trail, but the investigation would be about attempting to link it back to one person.

Maryland identity theft offenses create problems for everyone involved. People have to go through the trouble of cleaning stuff off of their record that does not belong to them because somebody else used their name. On the flip side, the person that used the fraudulent name usually ends up getting charged with those driving offenses anyway. Once the police officer finds out what their true identity is, they are charged with identity theft. Identity fraud creates a host of problems.

Common Offenses Involving Identity Theft

One of the more common Maryland identity theft offenses is using somebody else’s information that was received by using a scheming device. It happens a lot more frequently on ATM machines or on gas pumps. A device that the user is not even aware of has been placed inside of the machine so that when they use their card the suspect is catching all of their information. They then use it without that person’s consent.

Something else that occurs is that someone completes their taxes and files all the information that they need to get a refund, only to be notified by the IRS that someone reporting to be that person already filed taxes and already received the refund from the federal government or the state government.

Another common offense is that a person will get stopped either in a vehicle or on the street and when asked their name, they give a different name. They will either use the name of a person that they know exists or they will simply make up a name, which is illegal. Typically, people do that because they know they may have an outstanding warrant or their record is so horrible that they do not want another charge on their record, so they just use somebody else’s name.

Immediate Consequences of An Identity Theft Conviction

One of the immediate consequences of an identity theft conviction is a jail sentence, depending on the person’s prior record. Some of the other Maryland identity theft penalties include fines and probation. The person will have to be reporting to a probation agent. Those are the most immediate consequences. Then there are long-term consequences that can arise. The long-term consequences could affect the person’s employment and whether or not they are ever going to be seriously considered for another job.

Most employers are going to be incredibly hesitant to hire anybody who has any mark on their record that involves behavior that has to do with lacking credibility or being a dishonest person. It could prevent the person from having licenses or certifications that they need for their job. It can have significant consequences for a person, possibly life-altering regarding employment. At the other end of the spectrum, it is potentially doing jail time for the offense.

Benefit of a Lawyer

A skilled fraud attorney can be instrumental in building your identity theft case. Maryland identity theft offenses are often prosecuted severely and can have strict penalties as well. An experienced lawyer will be able to look at the existing evidence and the facts of the case and use them both to come up with a comprehensive defense strategy that works for you. If you have been charged with identity fraud, get in touch with a Maryland fraud lawyer today.