Maryland Identity Theft Penalties 

Maryland identity theft penalties are taken seriously. A person can realize their identity is being used because they get a credit statement for a credit card that is not in their possession or that they never requested. What happens a lot more frequently now is someone completes their taxes and files all the information that they need to get a refund only to be notified by the IRS that someone reporting to be that person already filed taxes and already received the refund from the government.

An investigation will often occur once the person becomes aware that something has happened. Investigators will try to track paper trails down to find the person who stole the identity. Depending on the situation, the evidence could be a video in a bank or some other location that has cameras. Other times IP addresses and other actions that leave a digital trail can be used. A knowledgeable identity theft lawyer has more information on identity theft.

Consequences of Identity Theft Conviction

Penalties of identity theft in Maryland can include a jail sentence, depending on the person’s prior record. There could be fines and probation, which are more immediate consequences. Long-term consequences affect a person’s current and future employment. Most employers will likely be hesitant to hire anybody who has any mark on their record that involves theft. It could prevent the person from having licenses or certifications that they need for their job as well.

Common Offenses

Recently, using somebody else’s information that was received by using a scheming device has been a more common form of identity theft. It happens more frequently on ATM machines or on gas pumps. A device is placed inside of the machines that catches all of a person’s information. The person committing identity theft can then use it without that person’s consent.

What also happens fairly frequently is a person will give a different name when asked for their name. They will either use the name of a person that they know exists or they will make up a name. That is a crime that can lead to identity theft penalties in Maryland. Typically, people do that because they know they may have an outstanding warrant or their record is not good, so they just use somebody else’s name.

Hiring a Lawyer

Identity theft in Maryland can create many problems. A person impacted by identity theft often has to go through the trouble of cleaning items off their record that does not belong to them because somebody else used their name. However, the person that used the fraudulent name usually gets charged with those driving offenses in the end. Once the police officer finds out what their true identity is, they are charged with identity theft. An experienced Maryland theft lawyer can help you further with identity theft, what the charges look like, what the process looks like, and other pertinent information regarding the subject. To make sure you are equipped with the resources you need, call an attorney today.