Maryland Gun Lawyer

There are prosecutor’s offices that will very quickly take the gun case and remove it from the misdemeanor courts of District Court and file the case up into the Circuit Court. The whole strategy is to make sure that the case is with the prosecutor who handles only gun crimes, the sentences are typically more severe. An attorney can intervene in that process and speak with the prosecutor’s office to try to convince them to keep the case down in District Court, but that’s the sort of conversation that has to take place immediately.

The person needs to make sure that they share with a local attorney the circumstances of what happened. Anytime that there is a seizure of a person and then a subsequent search, there is an important analysis of those facts that has to take place regarding the Fourth Amendment, and the attorney wants to know that right away as well. If you are facing gun charges, it is essential that you speak with a knowledgeable Maryland gun lawyer.

Serious Charges

When the general assembly codified the laws regarding guns, they actually specifically included their findings within the code, so the legislature considers gun charges to be very serious because there had been an uptick in the number of crimes that were committed with guns and there was a strong correlation between violent crimes and the use of handguns. Also, the damage and the injuries that can be inflicted by the use of guns contributed to Maryland deciding to create their laws regarding handguns and firearms. That’s the motivation that continues to cause them to modify the statutes and sometimes make them even stricter, but it all goes back to the fact that there is nothing quite as dangerous or deadly as a gun. A knife does not compare. Other types of weapons really just do not rise to the same danger level as guns.

Violent Crime Landscape

Violent crimes typically include handguns more than any other type of weapon. There is a correlation that exists between violent crime and handguns. There is a correlation between drug distribution and possession of handguns. So, while Maryland law was written and continues to be modified to address the fact that there has had been an uptick in violent crime and that’s related to handguns, there has been a drop in violent crime pretty much throughout the country and in Maryland. Certainly, the legislature would suggest that that’s because there has been an enforcement of laws on the books and they increase in passing statutes that really punish a person if they engage in violent crime and possesses a gun illegally.

Benefits of a Lawyer

There are so many moving parts to a case that involves charges of handguns or any type of firearm, and 99% of the time they are going to involve an implication of the Fourth Amendment in some way. This is because it is usually by way of the search of a vehicle, person, or a home that leads to the discovery of the firearms, and so it is very important that the defendant speak with an attorney who understands the constitutional aspects of the case and is willing to litigate motions that might help the defendant when the case.

However, you need an attorney who understands all of those things and is willing to get in there and make sure that the attorney is advocating in all the different ways possible for the client. It’s important to have an aggressive advocate for an individual because the prosecutors certainly do. Prosecutors like to recommend big sentences for gun cases, and judges like to hand out the sentences for gun cases, so anybody who is charged needs to make sure that they have a very strong advocate on their side.