Possession of Firearms in Maryland

A person in possession of firearms in Maryland should be aware of the local regulations and policies. There are strict laws regarding firearm use and possession. If someone has questions regarding the current laws, they should seek a reliable source of information like a registered gun shop or firearm attorney.

If you are looking to possess a firearm, it is important that you obtain the legal paperwork, and consult an experienced lawyer who can ensure that you are legally possessing the gun.

Legal Paperwork

It is more challenging than it is in other states. There are other states that have really lax firearm possession laws. There is a process that is required for people to be in possession of firearms in Maryland. It is not the most challenging but it does require a person to go through several steps in order to be able to legally possess a firearm.

Motivation to Possess a Firearm

There are a couple of different reasons and it depends on if it is a handgun or if it is a long gun like a rifle or a shotgun. There are a lot of people who have a lot of respect for hunting down there as far as using what one hunts and using it for food throughout the entire year. It is common for people who live on the lower eastern shore to hunt. It is a huge part of tradition and lifestyle down there.

Another reason that somebody might want to possess a firearm is for protection or for self-defense, and people may want to get a permit to be able to carry a handgun on their person if they own their own business. Maybe they have to transport a lot of money back and forth because their business often involves receiving cash and having to go make cash deposits. They would want to have a handgun for their personal safety.

Guns at Public Demonstrations

There is a law regarding the possession of firearms in Maryland at a public demonstration and under the law, it is prohibited for a person to have a firearm in their possession or on or about their person if they are at a demonstration in any public place or if they are in a vehicle that is within 1,000 feet of a demonstration, and demonstration is also defined by the statute but it means kind of what most people probably think it means, like if there are people picketing or making speeches or marching or holding a vigil. That would all be considered to be a demonstration.

If in public and anywhere near, what would be defined as a demonstration, people are prohibited from having a firearm and, generally speaking, the ability to have a handgun in public is very limited in Maryland. If someone has a handgun, they cannot be carrying that gun unless they have specifically gotten a concealed carry permit in Maryland. If they are out in public, there are laws and regulations that people need to be aware of before they are publicly carrying a firearm.