Ocean City Assault on an Officer Penalties

Assault on an officer may be taken seriously by judges as the relationship that may be present with law enforcement officers could be strong. A judge may strive to be neutral and fair, but there could be a heightening in the way the community responds or the press responds to the injuring or killing of a police officer. As a result, Ocean City assault on an officer penalties could potentially be harsh and long-lasting. By contacting a skilled lawyer who may have experience with officer assaults, you could learn more about potential consequences.

Difference Between Officer Assault and Assault on a Layperson

The main difference between officer assault charges and assault on a layperson could be the intent of the defendant. The law is clear that the state may have to prove that a defendant knew or had reason to know that the claimant was a law enforcement officer engaged in official duties. The state may also have to provide testimony and facts to support that the defendant could have been able to draw that inference and continued on with the assault. If these factors could be proved, the consequences following could result in a harsh felony conviction and potentially jail time.

There are many police officers who perform their responsibilities but may be doing it in plainclothes or even undercover, so it may be difficult for a defendant to recognize that that person is a police officer. Other than that, the defenses may be similar to any other defense that a defendant could have from being charged with assault. Although the defenses may be the same, the added title of a police officer could make the charges much harsher. With the help of an attorney who could fight tirelessly for your case, you could combat these charges by building a strong defense.

Assault of an Officer Outside of the Scope of Their Position

One of the issues that could be important to know is if the officer was working at that time or if they were off duty. If the facts are such that a defendant may not have known that it was a police officer, that information could change the parameters of the case. If it was an assault on a person who just happened to be a police officer that may not rise to the level of assaulting a law enforcement officer. If the person knew that it was a law enforcement officer and the law enforcement officer was engaged in official duties, that could result in severe Ocean City assault on an officer penalties.

Contacting an Ocean City Assault on an Officer Attorney

Ocean City assault on an officer penalties could be comparatively more serious and stressful than that of a layperson assault. According to Maryland law, there may be a statutory maximum of ten years in prison, along with the stigma of a felony conviction. A talented assault attorney may have experience in a case like this and could help you understand the consequences and help you fight the charges. Contact a practiced lawyer today for a free consultation.