Ocean City Simple Assault Penalties

Simple assault is when an individual tried to cause physical harm to another. It does not have to involve physical contact, so long as the intent is there. Ocean City simple assault penalties vary depending on the circumstance. Whether or not someone receives any kind of penalty is always up to the judge involved in a case.

If you have been accused of simple assault, contact an experienced simple assault attorney immediately. An Ocean City simple assault lawyer could help minimize the charges that have been brought against you, or have the charges brought against you dropped.

Where Are Simple Assault Cases Heard in Ocean City?

Most simple assaults cases are heard in the district court unless a defendant demands a jury trial. Ocean City simple assault penalties can differ depending on whether a judge tries a case or a jury tries a case. The advantage of keeping cases in the district court is that the defending party only has to convince the judge that they are not guilty. However, if a case becomes a jury trial, they defending party would have to convince all 12 jurors.

When to Choose a Jury Trial

If the defending party knows that a judge is not lenient, or feels that a jury will be more favorable, they could demand a jury trial.

It is crucial for an individual to work with an attorney who has experience in criminal defense. Such an attorney would be able to decipher if a trial in the district court or a trial by a jury would be more beneficial for an individual.

Are Misdemeanors Severe?

Due to the fact that simple assaults are generally classified as misdemeanors, people believe that the repercussions are not serious. In such cases, defendants often try to represent themselves before a judge. They believe that as long as they can explain what happened to the judge, they can get their case dismissed. In reality, this is not how it works. In some cases, innocent people end up being convicted of offenses they did not even commit.

Misdemeanor Penalties

Ocean City simple assault penalties can be severe. The maximum penalty for a simple assault is ten years and/or a fine. The penalties depend on a variety of factors such if the defendant has a prior criminal record, the severity of the injuries sustained by the alleged victim, and if the defendant is a minor.

A criminal lawyer could help reduce penalties by presenting information that paints a defendant in a favorable light.

Contacting a Criminal Attorney

If you have been accused of simple assault it is important that you seek legal representation. The sooner that you reach out for help, the sooner an experienced criminal lawyer could help gather evidence, examine the allegations that have been brought against you, find weaknesses the accusations, and present them before a judge or jury.

Ocean City simple assault penalties should not be underestimated. Such penalties must be confronted by a devoted attorney who is passionate about defending your freedom. Call a criminal attorney today.