Ocean City Stalking vs Harassment Charges

When it comes to Ocean City stalking vs harassment charges, there are many considerations to keep in mind. For example, it is important to consider the relationship that exists between the accuser and the accused. Another consideration would be what kind of evidence exists in each case. An experienced stalking lawyer could keep these considerations in mind while building a solid defense for you.

When Might an Attorney Suggest Taking a Plea Deal?

When discussing Ocean City stalking vs harassment charges, any plea deal would have to take into consideration exactly what charges the State would be able to prove if the case went to trial. If the state is offering a plea that is less than what they would be able to prove at trial, then that is certainly something that they should be taking into consideration. Another factor that comes into play is if the defendant was on parole or probation at the time, and by taking a plea they would be violated for parole or probation and, if that was the case, then usually the logic would be not to take a plea.

Considerations in a Domestic Violence Case

Some questions that should be taken into consideration when deciding what to do when specifically talking about stalking or harassment charges that involve a partner include:

  • Are these people in the midst of a divorce?
  • Would a plea put that person in a better position for negotiations?
  • Are they negotiating something like the end of their marriage?

There are so many different considerations and so many different factors that have to come into play when advising someone on whether or not they should take a plea deal. Generally speaking, though, if the plea would be better than what might happen to them at trial and if the state’s case seems to be a strong one, an attorney should advise the individual on what the potential outcome might be at trial and then they will have to decide how much of a risk they want to run.

When discussing plea negotiations, the state will make recommendations to help the person avoid jail time and for some people, that is huge. They can deal with a potential conviction or they cannot because of work or something else; individuals are not always able to miss any time at their employment. It is a really complicated question with so many different factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Difference Between Harassment and Stalking

The difference between Ocean City stalking vs harassment charges is really one of degree. Harassment is the intent of the defendant to basically just be annoying and to create difficulties for whoever it is that they are harassing. Stalking is more serious because the intent of the defendant in a case like that is to put the complainant in fear that they are going to be injured or a loved one is going to be injured. It really is much more about placing the complainant in fear, than it is simply annoying them or making their life a pain. Both charges require some pattern of conduct (not a one-time event) so they do share that, but stalking is definitely a more serious offense than harassment.

Can a Person Be Charged With Harassment and Stalking?

A person can be charged with both harassment and stalking at the same time and, in fact, it would be normal for a defendant to have both of those charges. The State’s theory behind that is that they will be able to prove one or the other. They may not be able to prove both, but, typically, they know that they are setting themselves up so that they can probably prove one or the other. If an individual wants to know more about Ocean City stalking vs harassment charges, they should speak with a knowledgeable attorney that could answer their questions.