Ocean City Criminal Lawyer

An Ocean City criminal lawyer can represent anyone who has been accused of violating Maryland.  If you live in or are visiting Ocean City and you are arrested, it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer for help responding to charges.

What an Ocean City Criminal Lawyer Can Do to Help

An Ocean City criminal attorney will work hard to help you avoid conviction for a crime or enter into a favorable plea deal that results in minimal penalties.

Because Ocean City Maryland is a resort town that attracts up to millions of visitors each year. It is common for visitors to be arrested for offenses including “party crimes,” like drunk driving, drug offenses, or disturbing the peace. If you are charged with these offenses, being forced to return to Maryland to deal with criminal charges can be a hassle. An attorney in Ocean City, Maryland can try to help you to resolve your charges as quickly and efficiently as possible, with as few trips back as possible and while limiting adverse consequences that could impact your future.

Whether you are a visitor or a local, and whether you are charged with a minor party crime or a major criminal offense, you have legal rights. You deserve to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and you have the right to remain silent and be free from illegal searches. An Ocean City criminal lawyer will help you protect your rights and respond strategically to charges. Call today to learn more.

Criminal Laws in Ocean City, Maryland

Many different behaviors are against the law in Maryland.  Offenses are listed in the Maryland Criminal Code, which is divided into categories. The different types of prohibited behaviors range from drug crimes (Title 5) to crimes against people (Title 3) to crimes against property (Title 6). You may also be arrested for weapons offenses (Title 4), fraud (Title 8), theft (Title 7) and obscenity or indecency (Title 11). Some of the charges routinely handled by our lawyers are:

Because there are so many different offenses, it can be difficult to know exactly what a prosecutor has to prove in your particular case. An Ocean City criminal lawyer can review your charges and help you to identify what the prosecutor must do to get a guilty verdict. Your lawyer’s goal will be to help undermine the case against you so you can introduce reasonable doubt during a jury trial.

Penalties for Maryland Crimes

Penalties in Maryland are determined by the type of offense, as well as by whether you have a past criminal history of similar behaviors. Since 1983, voluntary or advisory sentencing guidelines have been in place for circuit courts throughout the state of Maryland.  There are three separate matrices: one for property crimes, one for drug offenses, and one for person offenses.

You are given a score based on your offense and criminal history, and the judge can use a table to identify what your recommended sentence is based on those two factors. However, judges can impose penalties outside of the guidelines if they believe it is appropriate to your case. Other factors including the vulnerability of the victim can also play a role in how guidelines are applied. For example, harsher sentences may be imposed when the victim is under age 11, over age 65, or physically/mentally handicapped.

Some of the recommended penalties found within the sentencing guidelines include:

  • Home detention
  • Inpatient treatment programs including inpatient drug and alcohol counseling
  • Outpatient drug or alcohol treatment programs
  • Participation in programs established by the State Department of Corrections
  • Probation
  • Incarceration

Each Criminal Code section may also specify a maximum and a minimum penalty for the particular offense. For example, the maximum penalty for first degree assault under Code Section 3-202 is 25 years imprisonment.

Contacting an Ocean City Criminal Lawyer

An Ocean City criminal lawyer can be a major asset when it comes to reducing the impact of criminal charges in Maryland.  No matter how serious or minor you consider your charges to be, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney before entering any official plea.  If you call our law offices, a member of our legal team will conduct your initial consultation free of charge.

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