How Can I Find The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer For Me?

In order to determine whether a particular criminal lawyer in Ocean City is right for you I think that it’s very important that you speak with that attorney, either by calling the person’s office and speaking with them or by scheduling a consultation and meeting face to face. Most attorneys will give you a free consultation whether it’s on the telephone or in person and it’s during that initial conversation with the attorney that hopefully you would determine if you mesh well with this person.

Meeting With A Criminal Lawyer

At the meeting, you need to be able to ascertain if the attorney is listening to you. The easiest way to determine this is if the attorney is giving you good feedback and paying attention to what you’re saying. I think it’s also important to have a conversation about what might be the outcome of the case because attorneys that have a lot of experience should be able to give you at least an idea of what the possible options would be.

In my opinion, a good attorney never guarantees an outcome, they should never act as if they have some sort of crystal ball or they can look around the corner because they can’t and I think that that should raise a red flag for any potential client. In fact, I believe the rules of ethics do not allow us to give any sort of warranty or guarantee about how a case is going to turn out.

That consultation or that opportunity to speak with the attorney should give the client a chance to see if the attorney is listening to them, and if they are able to communicate well with this person.

What Should I Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney?

I think an important factor is experience. How long has this attorney been in practice, do they regularly appear in this court, do they regularly appear in front of this judge, what sort of reputation does that attorney have. If you can find that out, I think that’s a factor that should be taken into consideration.

You also want to find out if this attorney works regularly in the area. I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are hiring an attorney is they hire an attorney who practices maybe four or five counties away or in a completely different jurisdiction and then that attorney comes down to the court where the client’s case is and has no experience in front of that judge or has no experience dealing with the local prosecutors and that’s a huge mistake.