Why Do Clients Choose You For Ocean City Criminal Defense?

I think that clients choose to work with me because I have a great deal of experience as an Ocean City Criminal lawyer; I have been either a prosecutor or a criminal defense attorney for going on eighteen years now. I am very thorough in my approach to every case. I have worked very hard to have strong credible relationships with the judges and with the prosecutors and with the police, which is not an easy feat. I have worked very hard so that I can approach a police officer that I know will talk to me  and  not  shut down and refuse to speak to me because I treated them badly in the past or have tried to make them look like an idiot in the past and that’s very important.

As a lawyer, I’m very thorough, I’m the only person that’s going to handle the case. It’s not going to be passed off to a junior associate who doesn’t know what they’re doing. When they hire me, they’re getting me and I will work with them through the whole thing. The most important thing for me as their attorney is to make sure that they have had plenty of opportunity to speak with me, we have discussed what all of their options are and that we then pick whichever option they want to proceed with and advocate for that with everything that I have.

What Do You Bring to the Table as a Defense Attorney in Ocean City?

I bring years of experience. I bring a reputation that I have had to cultivate. For example, I think one of the things I tried to do is be involved with different bar associations, attending meetings, getting out there and talking to the prosecutors, not just in court, but at a bar association function, at a happy hour or a lunch-and- learn-type event where you’re able to network and also do the same thing with judges that come and attend those events.

Some attorneys never come out of their office. If they’re not in court they’re doing something else and I think what I bring is that I have worked very hard to network with these attorneys and judges too so that I know who they are and they know who I am. And I know that one of the things I bring that some attorneys don’t is a very strong reputation of being credible and knowledgeable and I think that is almost as important as experience because if the judges aren’t listening to you because they don’t think you know you’re talking about or they can’t trust what you say because you have misled them in the past, then you’ve lost the battle before you even started.

I have worked hard so that judges believe that I know what I’m talking about and I’m only raising points that are valid important points, then you know that you have an attorney that the judges are listening to that the prosecutors are listening to.