Ocean City Domestic Violence Lawyer

In Maryland, there is no subset of laws that are specifically called domestic violence laws. A domestic violence situation is when it involves people who are in a relationship with each other as boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, or a same-sex relationship, and there has been an allegation of an assault, destruction of property, or something else similar.

Criminal laws are the same, regardless of the relationship between the parties, but if it is a domestic relationship, it is common to see the offender be charged with second-degree assault or false imprisonment. These charges are serious, therefore, you may want to contact an Ocean City domestic violence lawyer if you are facing charges. A seasoned criminal defense attorney could advocate on your behalf and ensure that your rights are being protected.

Domestic Violence Charge Expectations

If the state has decided that the case is classified as domestic violence, then they are going to be aggressive in prosecuting the alleged offender. Historically, domestic violence cases involve one person who is being abused by the other and often times, their abuser was not being held accountable in the criminal justice system. This usually happens because the abuser would apologize to the person they abused and then attempt to reconcile. What this means as far as the criminal case is that the party who was abused would recant or refuse to testify against the abuser and not cooperate with the state. Even if the person who was abused is not cooperating, the prosecutors will begin to take the initiative of figuring out how to prosecute the case.

In the early 1990s, prosecutors instituted pro-prosecution initiatives in domestic violence cases, which is still practiced today. This means that even if the abused individual has recanted or the parties have made up, it is still likely that the state is going to attempt to prosecute the defendant. This causes a lot of stress in a relationship and to alleviate the pressure, the state explains to the abuser that the abused person has no control over the prosecution. The prosecution is going forward with or without the abused individual’s cooperation.

It is important to understand that not all arguments or even physical altercations between a couple are domestic violence. Sometimes it is two individuals who had too much to drink and just had a little disagreement. This is why someone facing charges should contact an Ocean City domestic violence lawyer.

Long-Term Consequences

When an individual is accused of domestic violence, they should immediately retain a domestic violence attorney in Ocean City. The benefits of having a lawyer who can speak on behalf of the defendant are tremendous. When a person is accused of some form of domestic violence, there are so many negative consequences that they face. They may even be charged criminally with assault or some other serious crime. If the two parties live together, the charges can impact where the defendant lives. If they have children, it can affect the defendant’s ability to see their kids.

Domestic violence can absolutely turn a defendant’s life upside down. The defendant could be facing jail time, fines, a protective order, and struggling to keep their job.

Contacting an Ocean City Domestic Violence Attorney

A domestic violence charge is a life-altering situation for a defendant. This is why it is imperative to have an Ocean City domestic violence lawyer on their side who has experience defending these types of cases. If you have been accused of domestic violence, your freedom is being threatened. Do not face these charges alone. Call today to schedule a consultation.