Protective Orders Following an Ocean City Domestic Violence Case

An individual may obtain a protective order to protect themselves from an abuser. Protective orders are commonly filed in domestic violence cases. The protective order allows the person who was abused to remain in their home and live under protection from contact, abuse, or harassment from their abuser. If you have had a protective order placed against you, reach out to a seasoned domestic violence attorney today. An accomplished attorney who is knowledgeable about protective orders following an Ocean City domestic violence case could answer your questions about the order and help you avoid violating it.

Purpose of Protective Orders

Domestic violence laws were written to try and alleviate the problem that someone who was abused would suffer. Previously, if a person was being abused and/or assaulted, they could be manipulated to stay in the relationship because they did not have any other place to go. They often found themselves being financially tied to the person who was abusing them.

Protective orders following an Ocean City domestic violence case were created so that the person who is being abused can have the court tell the abuser that:

  • They are the one that has to find a different place to live
  • They must leave this person alone
  • They cannot have any contact with them
  • They cannot call them
  • They cannot email them

A protective order can even go as far as to establish an amount of money that the abuser has to pay the abused individual every month. This is called emergency family maintenance, which means that the abuser cannot put a financial stranglehold on the abused person anymore.

Consequences of Violating a Protective Order

If a person violates a protective order, there could be criminal and civil penalties. If the order stated that there must be no contact and the abuser does contact the other party, then the abuser could be charged with criminally violating the protective order. This offense carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a fine. This is one of the few violations that a judge typically gives the maximum sentence. There is also the possibility of a civil penalty because a protective order is an order from the court, therefore, to violate is to be in contempt of the order.

Many times, a person who has been charged with violating a protective order may claim that it was the other person who was initiating the contact. This excuse does not play well as a defense. If an individual responds to a text that was sent to them, if they respond to an email, if they return a phone call, they are violating the order even though it was the other person who initiated the contact. This is why it is essential for an individual to understand that if they have a protective order issued against them, they cannot have any contact with the other person. For more information about protective orders following an Ocean City domestic violence case, reach out to an accomplished lawyer.

How a Domestic Violence Attorney in Ocean City Could Help

Violating protective orders following an Ocean City domestic violence case can result in serious penalties and ramifications. Therefore, if you have had a protective order placed on you, reach out to a skilled attorney who could help you avoid violating an order. Also, a lawyer could review the order and see if it is a fair protective order or not. Call today to schedule a consultation.