Types of Sex Crimes in Ocean City

Regardless of the degree of the charge, sex crimes are taken very seriously by the courts. The types of sex crimes that are commonly charged in Ocean City vary, but they all have serious penalties attached to them. Should you find yourself facing or potentially facing charges, it is essential to contact an experienced Ocean City sex crimes lawyer to represent you and make sure that all sides of the case are heard.

Examples of Potential Charges

When it comes to charges related to sex crimes, there are some behaviors or acts that would be considered a misdemeanor which means they typically carry a much smaller jail sentence. One example of that would be a fourth-degree sex offense. A person could be charged with such an offense if they touch another person without that person’s permission, with the specific intention of doing so for sexual gratification.

Some such offenses are categorized based on the nature of the behaviors. For example, forcing somebody to perform a sex act, or engaging in a sex act or intercourse without the accuser’s permission falls into a more severe category.

It would be charged as a felony and would carry a significant prison sentence should the prosecution arrive at a conviction.

Age Considerations

There are also types of sex crimes in Ocean City that are specifically related to engaging in a behavior with someone who is underage. In these cases, the courts take into consideration the fact that the accuser is legally too young to consent to anything.

Partying Environment

Ocean City is a vacation destination for many people.  That usually means a lot of partying takes place in the jurisdiction. Unfortunately, there are times when people have too much to drink and, while under the effects of inebriation, they are engaging in some sort of sexual act with another person who also had too much to drink.

In cases such as these, it is not unheard of that one of the parties finds themselves facing a sex crime that is related to the other party having been too intoxicated to be able to give consent.

Common Felony Offenses

It is a crime to have intercourse with someone who is so incapacitated that they cannot give consent. Unfortunately, it happens throughout the state where people go out to a bar or they are at home, or they are at a party where people drink way too much alcohol.

It is possible that people in those circumstances engage in intercourse and not uncommon that, after the fact, the accuser realizes that she was way too incapacitated to give consent. As a result, there is an investigation regarding the crime of a second-degree rape or some other type of potential sex offense.

Also in Ocean City, like in other parts of the state, there are people who are in sexual relationships or engaging in sexual behavior with a person who is by statute too young to give consent.

Anytime a case involves a defendant who is 21 years of age and is four years older than the alleged victim, this additional factor can come into play. Depending on the age of the accuser, there is the distinct possibility of potentially committing a sex crime.

First Degree Rape

It is slightly less common to encounter cases of first-degree rape in terms of someone who is an individiaul forced to engage in sexual intercourse. In order for this charge to apply, the events in question must have happened with a weapon being displayed, the accuser being physically injured, or the same being threatened with disfigurement.

Sexual Battery Definition

The type of behaviors that would be considered sexual battery in Ocean City are located within the sex offense statutes in Maryland. This particular charge depends on the severity of the actions in question. It could be a fourth-degree sex offense or it could be all the way up to potentially a first-degree sex offense.

How An Attorney Can Help

If you think you might be facing any type of sex crime charge in Ocean City, it is important to immediately reach out to an Ocean City sex crimes lawyer. You will be facing an aggressive prosecution, and your best chance of making sure your side of the story is heard is to have a knowledgeable attorney working by your side, starting as soon as possible.