Salisbury Drug Lawyer

A Salisbury criminal lawyer provides assistance fighting all types of drug charges, from simple possession of marijuana to accusations of drug trafficking or distribution. No matter what charges you are facing, you could potentially be at risk of a jail or prison sentence and a permanent criminal record.  Get legal help as soon as you can from a lawyer who fights for your rights.

What Does a Salisbury Drug Lawyer Do For Clients?

A Salisbury drug lawyer provides advice to clients based on knowledge of Maryland’s drug laws, past criminal cases, and state and federal rules of criminal procedure. There are specific elements of each drug offense and a prosecutor has to prove a drug crime case beyond a reasonable doubt before a defendant can be found guilty. A Salisbury drug attorney can investigate the facts of the case to try to find ways to make a jury feel doubts about a defendant’s guilt.   Your attorney can raise affirmative defenses or argue you were not actually in possession of the drug you have been accused of having.

A Salisbury attorney in your drug case will also try to keep you out of jail pending trial, while work hard to keep any evidence out of court that was illegally obtained, and will make sure you benefit from all the constitutional protections afforded to defendants in the criminal justice system.

Whether you want to explore opportunities for pre-trial diversion, fight charges, or negotiate a plea deal, you should be sure to have a knowledgeable and caring legal advocate who is fighting for you.

When Do You Face Charges for Drug Crimes in Salisbury?

A defendant can be charged with a drug crime for simple possession under Maryland Criminal Code Section 5-601.   Even possession of materials considered “drug paraphernalia” can lead to charges under Code Section 5-619, despite a complete absence of actual drugs in the defendant’s possession.

The state can bring more serious charges based on the amount of a controlled substance a defendant is accused of having. This means that a defendant who has never sold drugs could face a charge of possession with intent to distribute under Code Section 5-602 simply because the defendant has more of a drug than authorities believe would be used for purely recreational purposes.

The state can even charge a defendant with possessing equipment authorities believe will be used to manufacture controlled substances under Code Section 5-603. Like crimes related to drug paraphernalia, it is possible to face charges for having items likely to be used in the manufacture of drugs, even without actual proof any actual drugs were made.

A Drug Lawyer in Salisbury Will Defend Your Rights

A Salisbury drug lawyer knows the laws applicable to controlled substances and will put their legal knowledge of drug crime cases to work to try to fight conviction for a drug offense.  Call a lawyer with our firm as soon as possible if police have searched you, if you are the subject of an investigation, or if you have been arrested. Let your lawyer deal with the police on your behalf and begin to build your case.