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What should you do after you are charged with driving under the influence? A license suspension, criminal charges, possible jail time, and fines are all possible consequences you could face, so it is up to you to respond aggressively to charges and fight to avoid these undesirable outcomes. To get help from a legal professional with a deep understanding of impaired driving cases, contact a Salisbury DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

A Salisbury criminal defense attorney will be able to look at the facts of your case and develop the strongest possible defense, so call today.

Can a Salisbury DUI Lawyer Help Me Avoid Conviction?

Every case is different and your ability to avoid being convicted of DUI is going to depend on many factors including whether police stopped you illegally, whether your blood alcohol content was tested in accordance with legal requirements, and the amount of drugs or alcohol in your system. The earlier you speak to a DUI lawyer in Salisbury, the likely better chance you will have to fight a DUI charge. Even before you are ever arrested or charged, speak with an attorney about the process of a DUI checkpoint and what police are looking for during them.

The job of a Salisbury DUI attorney is to help you understand the evidence the prosecutor has, fight to suppress that evidence if your rights were violated, and assist you in deciding on the best response to charges.

In some cases, you can petition to get charges dropped entirely or can prevail in court to avoid being found guilty. You can present expert witnesses, make the jury question whether blood or breath tests were accurate, and otherwise make solid legal arguments to make the jury doubt guilt. In other situations, strong evidence against you may mean your best option is to try to negotiate a plea deal.

With the help of your Salisbury DUI lawyer, you can decide what arguments to make and what steps to take even before trial to try to avoid conviction or lessen the penalties you face. While you may not be able to avoid conviction in every DUI case, you deserve to put together the strongest possible defense and the most solid case you can- and an experienced DUI lawyer in Maryland can help you do that.

What Do DUI Charges In Salisbury Mean?

Maryland Transportation Code Section 21-902 prohibits both driving under the influence and driving while impaired. DUI is considered more serious than DWI, and a defendant can face DUI charges any time his blood alcohol concentration or the drugs in his system cause impairment.

A defendant may be charged for being under the influence of both legal and illegal drugs, as well as alcohol; however, only a BAC above .08 is considered DUI per se. Per se means “in and of itself,” so Maryland’s DUI per se law establishes the rule that anyone whose BAC is .08 is too impaired to be behind a wheel even if a prosecutor doesn’t specifically show other evidence of impairment. Often times, a DUI charge results from someone getting pulled over for a minute traffic offense. Someone who is charged for driving under the influence while without a license will face multiple charges.

Impact For Your License

Call a Salisbury DUI Lawyer When Facing Charges

Do not give up hope or resign yourself to the loss of your license, even if your BAC is above the limit. In every case where you are charged with driving under the influence, you deserve a legal advocate looking out for your interests and helping you respond to your charges. Call a Salisbury DUI lawyer as soon as you can when you have been accused of driving under the influence so you can start right away with crafting a strategic response to the accusations against you.

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