Salisbury Sex Crimes Lawyer

A Salisbury sex crimes lawyer provides legal representation to those accused of all types of sexual offenses.  A defendant accused of a sex crime could face a ruined reputation, aggressive prosecution, a lengthy prison sentence, and required registration on the sex offender registry.  You owe it to yourself and your future to fight the charges vigorously with everything you have to protect yourself.  Let an experienced legal advocate stand by your side and provide you with knowledgeable advice as you respond to serious charges.

The Salisbury sex crimes attorneys with our firm understand the sensitive nature of these charges and have experience guiding clients through the complex litigation process.  Call our law firm today to learn about how a criminal lawyer in Salisbury can make a positive impact on your case.

Why Contact a Salisbury Sex Crimes Lawyer?

There are many reasons people are accused of sex offenses, from malice during a divorce to a misunderstanding about consent or confusion about a partner’s age. When you have been charged with a sexual offense, you need to understand the nature of the accusations, the laws related to the particular criminal charge, the evidence against you, and the defenses available.

A Salisbury sex crimes lawyer knows Maryland laws inside-and-out and can obtain and review information about your case through the discovery and pre-trial process. Your attorney can conduct an investigation, question witnesses, subpoena evidence, and explore all possible ways to help you make a jury doubt that you committed the offense you are accused of.

While you can try to prove innocence, you don’t have to- your defense case will often be based simply on making it impossible for a prosecutor to meet the burden of proving guilt.  An experienced defense lawyer is good at helping clients plant doubts into a jury’s mind.

Illegal Sex Acts in Salisbury, MD

A defendant can be convicted of a sex crime only if the prosecutor proves he or she has broken Maryland laws related to prohibited sex acts. Prohibited acts generally include engaging in sexual behaviors without consent, or engaging in sex acts with people who cannot give consent such as children or the mentally handicapped.

The law also aims to prevent the creation and dissemination of any type of pornographic material involving children by imposing very harsh penalties on those who have child porn in their possession, who solicit child pornography, or who participate in any way in making or encouraging the production of child pornography.

Penalties for sex offenses vary based on the specifics of the charge, but for many defendants, a requirement to register as a sex offender is as serious a consequence as jail time. A Salisbury sex crimes lawyer will help defendants to determine if the charge they are facing would require registration and can provide advice to those accused on how to defend themselves or plea bargain with a prosecutor to admit to a less serious offense.

A Salisbury Sex Crimes Attorney Can Help Today

As soon as you are accused of a sex crime, you should begin investigating the allegations and building a defense. Call a Salisbury sex crimes lawyer today to get advice and guidance on what your best options are for trying to avoid a life-changing criminal conviction.