Salisbury Theft Lawyer

A defendant accused of theft has legal options, but fighting charges requires an understanding of Maryland’s criminal code and rules of criminal procedure. A Salisbury theft lawyer brings legal knowledge and litigation experience to your case.  Don’t try to respond on your own to theft charges—call an attorney in Salisbury who handles these criminal cases as soon as you can when you are accused of taking something in violation of the law.

The Salisbury theft attorneys at our law firm are experienced litigators, and we can get to work immediately investigating your case and planning your defense strategy.  Call our law offices and complete your free initial consultation to take the first step toward defending your rights in court.

How Can a Salisbury Theft Lawyer Help Defendants?

Theft crimes are intent crimes and to get a conviction, a prosecutor must prove a defendant knowingly and willfully tried to take property that belonged to someone else.  There are many possible defenses that can be raised and legal arguments to make that can result in a jury questioning whether the prosecutor has met the burden of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The job of a Salisbury theft lawyer is to help defendants accused of theft to explore options for raising defenses or otherwise putting together a case to avoid conviction. Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest and charges, you could argue for evidence to be kept out of court because of a Fourth Amendment violation or could argue that you could not have stolen the property because you had a rightful claim to it.  There are other possible defenses that your lawyer can help you explore as well.

Some defendants don’t want to go to court when faced with theft charges. If you are concerned about a jury outcome or if you decide with your lawyer’s help that the evidence is strong for conviction, your attorney can help you to explore diversion programs or plea bargain opportunities.

Criminal defendants are legally entitled to a lawyer in theft cases, and you deserve to have a Salisbury theft lawyer with experience handling cases like yours.

Salisbury Laws on Theft Offenses

General theft offenses are prohibited under Maryland Code Section 7-104 while theft of motor vehicles is prohibited under Code Section 7-105.   For most theft crimes, the amount of the item(s) allegedly stolen will determine whether the charges are misdemeanor charges and what the possible penalty is.

While theft of items valued under $100 is a misdemeanor carrying a maximum possible jail term of 90 days, theft of $100,000 or more worth of items becomes a felony with a possible maximum term of 25 years in prison.  There are varying degrees of theft offenses and penalties in between these two extremes. Return of the stolen items and/or restitution is also a common outcome in all theft cases, no matter what the value of items is.

Many first time defendants and those charged with misdemeanor theft are able to entirely avoid any time in jail, but things like using a weapon during the theft can elevate even a first offense to a more serious crime.

Call a Theft Defense Lawyer in Salisbury

Speak with one of the Salisbury theft lawyers at our firm if you have been arrested or accused of any theft crime, even a misdemeanor. Even a misdemeanor and felony conviction can affect your future opportunities for academic or career advancement and, you need an advocate to help you fight to stay free and keep a clean record.