Angela DiPietro Women in Business Scholarship

** The deadline has been officially moved to May 1, 2016. WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS THROUGH EMAIL: [email protected] **


Born, raised, and educated in Maryland, defense attorney Angela DiPietro understands both the hard work and perseverance required to be a leading woman in the business world. After attending Hood College, then an all-women’s school, she went on to law school and went on to serve women and children as a court-appointed attorney for child custody cases. Now, as an independent practitioner, Ms. DiPietro defends individuals in the Eastern Shore of Maryland, helping people who live and work in the same communities she has grown to know and love.

There are many hurdles for women to overcome in the workplace, and Ms. DiPietro is an outspoken advocate for continuing the fight for equality and increased opportunities for underrepresented women. Progress has been made—the wage gap is closing in many professions, more women are entering the STEM fields, and gender roles are becoming less restrictive—but there is still so much work to be done.

Ms. DiPietro feels that one of the best ways to encourage women entrepreneurs is to provide access to more and better educational opportunities for women everywhere. As such, she is proud to sponsor the Angela DiPietro Women in Business Scholarship and Essay Contest. The winner will receive a $500 scholarship to help further educational goals and create a more diverse, inclusive business community.


  • This scholarship is available to any female student who is pursuing post-secondary education (community college, undergraduate college, graduate school, business school, or law school) at an accredited U.S. institution. Incoming first-year college students who possess a GED or a high school diploma are also eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must possess an interest in business or entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by past and present volunteer, professional, and educational experiences.
  • The minimum GPA required for application is 3.0, indicating that all candidates must be in good academic standing.

Application Materials

  • Candidates must submit an up-to-date resume that details professional, academic, and volunteer experience, especially any experiences related to women in business.
  • A 500-word essay that answers the following question:

If you could see one change in gender inequality in your lifetime, what would it be, and why?  How do you think this can be achieved?

  • An up-to-date official transcript, demonstrating that the candidate’s GPA is 3.0 or greater. If no official transcript is available, an unofficial transcript may be submitted, as well as an official transcript from the candidate’s most recent educational institution.
  • One letter of recommendation.
  • This cover sheet (link opens in PDF).

The 2016 Angela DiPietro Women in Business Essay contest winner will be announced in Summer 2016.

Application Deadline and Submission

Scholarship candidates must submit a complete application by no later than May 1, 2016. The materials should be submitted all together by U.S. mail, email or fax. Candidates may address fax or mail submissions to:

Angela DiPietro Women in Business Scholarship
110 Baptist Street
Salisbury, MD 21801
Fax: 410-749-5917

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]