What Types of Criminal Cases Do You Enjoy?

The following is taken from an interview with Maryland criminal lawyer Angie DiPietro as she explains her favorite types of cases and why. To learn more about how an attorney can help with your case call today and set up a free initial consultation.

What Cases Do You Find The Most Challenging to Defend?

It is challenging to defend against a case  that’s been very much forced into the public eye, something that has been on news, something that has gotten the community very wound up, something that has gotten the prosecutor’s office very wound up because the – the stakes are very high in a case like that and it’s not that the attention being paid on it makes it difficult, it’s that you just know that or get the sense get that somebody really just wants to put your client under the jail. It’s– this is one where the stakes are very high.

If you’re working hard for your client, if you’re invested in what you’re doing, then you recognize that the stakes are high. The most challenging cases also can be the ones where you know that your client didn’t do it and everyone seems completely focused on putting this person in prison for the rest of their life.

Sometimes I will be representing somebody who does not deny what they did, they don’t deny that they broke the law, but there is a great deal of mitigation that should be taken into consideration in deciding what to do for that person. That’s sometimes more about just helping somebody get through the process and making sure that the most important parts of their life is being taken into consideration at sentencing.

On the other end of the spectrum are people potentially being imprisoned for decades of their life and they didn’t do anything wrong. And that can be very stressful because I know that there are innocent people in prison right now, there are people who didn’t do anything wrong and yet, they were convicted and they have been sitting in jails or prisons for years and years and years and that’s such a horrible miscarriage of what’s supposed to be happening in the criminal justice system. That is what I find to be the most challenging.

What Types of Cases Do You Find The Most Interesting to Defend?

I really enjoy making constitutional arguments, I enjoy litigating suppression motions  that have to do with violations of the Fourth, the Fifth, or the Sixth Amendment because I love research  and I love the debate that goes back and forth in the courtroom during a hearing like that. And, I think that are some of the most fascinating work, that it’s one of the things that I definitely enjoy the most.

And I enjoy trials too, particularly having to really piece through and figure out are there cases going back in history that apply to this scenario today and what does that mean  going forward, what does that mean to the criminal justice system from this point forward if we say, for example, if there’s been a particular ruling about collecting DNA or what can be said to a person who’s in custody to get them to – in order to get them to speak to the police. I love researching those arguments and preparing them and then being able to make those arguments in a hearing.