Wicomico Criminal Lawyer

A Wicomico criminal lawyer can provide legal representation to defendants who are accused of violating the law in Wicomico County, Maryland.  Being convicted of a crime can mean the loss of your freedom. Your criminal charges can follow you in your future endeavors, limiting job opportunities and affecting relationships. You can also face significant financial hardship due to fines and costs of conviction. You deserve to be represented by an experienced criminal lawyer in Maryland who can help you to navigate the Wicomico County criminal justice system  so you can do everything possible to avoid the life-changing impact of criminal conviction.

How a Wicomico Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

A Wicomico criminal lawyer can provide assistance from the time you are first under investigation until your case has been concluded. Your lawyer may be able to help in many ways during your criminal case including:

  • Advising you during a police interrogation so you can avoid self-incrimination.
  • Negotiating a plea bargain with a prosecutor to arrange a favorable deal involving reduced penalties or charges if you admit you committed he offense.
  • Making pre-trial motions including a motion to suppress evidence obtained through an illegal search or illegal interrogation.
  • Representing you in trial by raising defenses or helping you make the jury doubt the prosecutor’s case against you. Cases against defendants must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt or there should be no conviction.

To learn more about how an attorney can help you, contact a criminal lawyer in Wicomico County Maryland today.

Wicomico County Crimes

The Maryland Code has specific legal statutes that pertain to the different types of crimes a person can be charged with in the state of Maryland.  However, legal language is often difficult to fully understand for individuals who do not possess a legal degree and years of experience. That’s why it’s useful to consult with a Wicomico criminal attorney to get a full explanation of your charges and potential penalties associated with them.

The attorneys with our firm have experience dealing with criminal charges of many different sorts, including:

Penalties for Crimes in Wicomico County

The Maryland Legislative Handbook provides comprehensive information on the criminal justice system in the state of Maryland. The Handbook explains that offenses are broadly grouped into felonies and misdemeanors; however, there is no clear line based on the length of incarceration that determines which category a particular crime falls into.

Most statutes in the Maryland criminal code specify whether the offense you have been charged with is a felony or is a misdemeanor. While felonies usually have longer jail sentences, this is not always the case and some misdemeanors can result in a lengthy prison sentence. The fundamental differences between felonies and misdemeanor are:

  • The statute of limitations: You can be charged with a felony at any time, while most misdemeanor charges must be brought within a year of the offense or you can no longer be charged.
  • Voting rights: Felons lose the right to vote when imprisoned, as well as when on probation or parole. Most felons get their votes back once their sentence is complete, but not if the crime was for buying and selling votes.
  • State-issued licenses: Felons may sometimes be disqualified from obtaining certain licenses issued by the state.
  • Firearms ownership: Some felons face additional restrictions on their Second Amendment rights.

If you are charged with a felony, your case will generally be tried in the Circuit Court unless the Maryland code specifies otherwise for that particular offense. The Wicomico County Circuit Court is located at 101 North Division Street Room, Salisbury Maryland, 21801. You have the right to a jury trial.

Misdemeanors, on the other hand, are typically tried in a District Court unless the maximum prison term for the misdemeanor is three or more years or the maximum fine is $2,500 or greater.  The Wicomico County District Court is located at 201 Baptist Street Salisbury, MD 21801.

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