Women In Business Scholarship Award Winners

Having received a breadth of impressive applications from students around the country, we are happy to announce the recognition of one outstanding young woman, who demonstrates the importance of hard work and perseverance and stands as an influence to women everywhere of the value of education and entrepreneurship.

2017 Winner: Hannah Takasuka

Ms. Takasuka is from Orange County, California, and is currently a high school senior attending Ocean View High School. At school, she’s run for the cross country and track teams, started Engineering the Community Club, and been a leader of the Business Academy.

As the president and founder of Engineering the Community Club, she has organized a variety of on-campus guest speaker events featuring college engineering students and local private-sector engineers and community service events, such as math tutoring for low-income middle school students and a weekly engineering after-school enrichment program for low-income 6th-grade students. In the Oak View community, which is less than a block away from her high school, less than a third of adults have a high school diploma. Many Oak View students attend her high school, and it’s inspired her to want to make a change. As a result, she formed Engineering the Community for her Girl Scout Gold Award, and she’s also been teaching weekly SAT math classes to low-income 11th-grade students in the Scholar’s Hope Foundation.

As a Girl Scout, she’s been involved in the Girl Scout cookie business since first grade and has sold over 10,700 boxes in total. In doing so, she has raised over $26,000 for Girl Scouts of Orange County and $7,500 for her troop and service projects without large corporations (the largest donation was $200) or significant parent contribution (her parents buy less than 15 boxes per year).

As a member of Business Academy, she has taken three business-oriented courses throughout high school: ROP Microsoft Tools, Computerized Accounting, and Entrepreneurship. She has learned how to effectively create budget, payroll, and other sheets and graphs on Microsoft Excel and Intuit Quickbooks, create presentations and present them, search for colleges and majors, evaluate credit cards and loans, evaluate business successes and failures, and create a resume. She has also had the opportunity to practice interviewing with representatives from local companies and network with local community members at Business Academy networking lunches. As the Business Academy secretary, she has also learned how to fundraise, organize and promote events, and run meetings. She feels lucky to have the opportunity to learn about business as a high school student, as many of her peers not in the program won’t have this opportunity until college.

Last summer, she participated in the Youth Science Fellows Program, hosted by the University of California, Irvine, Cancer Research Institute. For this cancer research internship, she conducted research on angiogenesis in the Hughes Lab of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. She plans to conduct bioengineering research this upcoming summer and looks forward to majoring in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins in the fall!

While she believes she took a financial risk by deciding to enroll in her dream school, scholarships like these have proven to her that it was a risk worth taking. She finds it amazing that there are people who support her dream and are willing to invest in her dream to make it a financially attainable reality!

2016 Winner: Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith, a law student at Boston College, is our 2016 Women in Business Scholarship Award WinnerIn 2016, Brittany Smith, a law student at Boston College is the winner of the Women in Business Scholarship, celebrating young women’s entrepreneurial advances and educational ambitions. Currently continuing her education at Boston College Law School, Brittany displays an expansive history of going above and beyond in her educational and entrepreneurial ventures.

Ms. Smith is a first generation college graduate, who has risen above various challenges, paving the way for her own opportunities with exceptional hard work. Her sense of determination and intellectual rigor showcase her commitment to academic achievement, which will guide her in pursuit of her Law degree expected in 2019.

Having graduated from The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in 2013, Brittany has been busy with her own entrepreneurial, legal, and political ventures, gaining a unique range of experiences. In her personal statement, Brittany wrote about obstacles she had faced transitioning from her public high school in Detroit to a rigorous educational track in Afro-American and African Studies while maintaining  two to three jobs at a time and pursuing impressive summer programs, along with a year-long study abroad program at the London School of Economics.

Prior to applying for the Angela DiPietro Women in Business Scholarship, Ms. Smith developed an extensive business, advocacy, and legal resume, including impressive internships in DC, Michigan, London, and Boston, working with political campaigns, law firms, activists and more. Upon reviewing Brittany’s application, it became evident that her motivation deserves to be celebrated, giving us confidence in her commitment to creating a better future for women everywhere.

Upon receiving this scholarship, Ms. Smith stated it reaffirmed her commitment to the pursuit of her legal goals, while utilizing her new legal knowledge in a virtual startup she established, Turning Dreams Into Goals, which helps to connect nonprofits and individual families supporting diverse high school student talent to a community network and pipeline that provides specialized access and personalized support for applying to competitive scholarships and competitive colleges/universities. We expect this to be the first of many future ventures from this outstanding young woman.

2017 Angela DiPietro Women in Business Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for the 2017 Angela DiPietro Women in Business Scholarship, please visit the official scholarship application page to view submissions requirements and application criteria.